22 de outubro de 2008

Deus não existe!

A notícia, vem de Inglaterra:
"British atheists announced Tuesday a high-profile advertising campaign to put posters on London buses that say: "There is probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life." "
The idea for an atheist ad campaign first surfaced in June, as a suggestion by television comedy writer and journalist Ariane Sherine in a column in the online version of the Guardian newspaper. Sherine noted that ads running on the London buses at the time directed people to a Web site that declared that those who do not believe in God will spend "all eternity in torment in hell."
The humanist association agreed to take on the project. The bus ads are designed to tell atheists that they will not burn forever in the "lake of fire" described on the religious Web site, Stinson said. "It's about reassurance."
Qual seria a reacção se esta campanha surgisse em Portugal, imaginem autocarros a passar com anúncios a dizer: “Não existe Deus. Pare de se preocupar e desfrute a sua vida”, não será difícil de adivinhar o que aconteceria…

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